Men Hair Replacement

We are proud to offer M.G.H.R. Hair Replacement for men -- the latest in state-of-the-art hair restoration and replacement solutions designed specifically to meet the individual and unique needs of each of our clients.


You can choose from our stock of already made pieces to our custom made to your specifications. In this case by creating 100% customized non-surgical, hair replacement for men suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss, we offer our clients the completely natural look and feel of actual growing hair in whatever style and colour they desire. The M.G.H.R. hair replacement system is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch because your hair graft is made from the best Remy human hair available. Your hair replacement will be created to your exact age-appropriate specifications, based upon your desires and expectations, and customized to your individually unique lifestyle.

The M.G.H.R. hair replacement system offers a naturally appearing front hairline, proper hair density based on your age and remaining hair, where the scalp appears normal and visible when the hair is parted, and an uninterrupted scalp. We will ask you to see photos of before your hair started to thin so as to much the shape of your hairline perfectly. You can have a consultation in the privacy and comfort of your home so as for you to feel completely at easy.





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