Hailed as the most influential woman in hair, celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin has styled hair for your favourite trend setting stars. With Jen’s specially designed & unique collection of hair extensions, we know that your hair is going to look good and you’re going to feel good. With unique application methods and innovative design systems you can wear our hair extensions with confidence. Discover Jen’s backstage secrets and update your look by embracing colour, length and volume with the new Jen Atkin Collection.

Invisi-Tape. Super fast extensions for clients and salons onthe go; re-apply Invisi®-Tape every 4-6 weeks. This revolutionary system allows users to add extensions in seconds.

Enhance the appearance of your face shape with careful placement of colour using Invisi®-Tape. Invisi®-Tape is perfect for allowing your stylist to get the colour effect you desire.

The Invisi®-Tape virtually disappears into the hair line, offering an even more natural blend than other tape extensions.

This innovative design blends seamlessly into the hairline.

The invisible weft technology is made on an extremely thin, silkbase crafted by hand, the weft mimics the natural re-growth at the root for complete discretion.

With multiple salon applications, Invisi®-Tape canbe re-used.

Invisi-Weft. Super fast extensions for clients and salons on the go; re-apply Invisi®-Weft every 4-6 weeks.

This revolutionary system allows users to add extensions in minutes, meaning you create full fringes, layers and a full head of extensions in under an hour.

Comfortable to wear and completely discreet,our unique weft design makes Invisi®-Weft thinner than any other weft extensions.

The invisible weft technology is made on an extremely thin silk base crafted by hand and the weft mimics the natural re-growth at the root for complete discretion.

Dual application product, can be used for traditional wefting methods or applied with Beauty Works tape.

With multiple salon applications, Invisi®-Weft can be re-used

Hair Enhancer. Cleverly designed to curve in with your natural hairline, the Hair Enhancer is applied under your own hairline to enhance your natural hair.

The invisible mesh design is hand crafted and engineered to curve in with the natural hairline without spanning the whole of the head, meaning you can style your own hair as desired.

The extremely lightweight system makes hair extensions virtually undetectable.

On one instant clip-in piece, the hair enhancer gives fine, limp locks undetectable volume and length in one easy movement.

The layered effort means the Hair Enhancer is ready to wear and blends seamlessly into your natural hair.

The high quality human hair allows you to heat style it to your preference.Get Hollywood hair at home by applying the Hair Enhancer to enhance your own hair.

Simply apply the Hair Enhancer by clipping in the quick fix clips at the root for secure long lasting hold

Discover the range of professional services & techniques our expert hair stylists can deliver. Our wide range of colours and different application methods will help you find the inspiration you need to achieve the hair of your dreams. Whethe ryou just want subtle volume or a complete new look, there are lots of options available to help you enhance your hair
Our 3D colour effects deliver multi-tonal colour from root to tip, not only boosting your hair colour,but adding outstanding shine
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Our root colour collection is inspired from the ultimate LA girl! Our root stretch technique uses adarker base colour and blends out to a soft finishfor an even more undetectable effect for today's hair trends.
Bel-Air Santa
"We're so excited to finally share my best kept secret with you. Say goodbye to bad hair extensions and try extensions that are soft, touchable and wearable. Feel good about the way you look, twirl it, curl it, flip it over one shoulder. However you wear your hair extensions, wear them with confidence." Dont forget to share your hair at #JenAtkinHairSecrets Love, Jen x
High Quality Remy Hair. Using genuine European hair that goes through a stage-by-stage process to ensure beautifully crafted hair extensions. Sourced from genuine virgin ponytails, the hair is hand-selected from the healthiest Virgin human hair
Double Drawn. Shorter hairs are removed by hand, leaving perfectly uniform hair to create thicker, fuller hair from root to tip
New Technology. Using organic pigments to create our unique colour combinations, each strand is hand processed offering long- lasting shine and brilliant colour.
Cuticle Retained. Our gentle formula ensures the cuticle remains on the hair shaft giving the hair its natural shine and protecting the hair's core structure
Our unique process guarantees high quality hair extensions
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